It’s a pleasure for us to accompany you through our land, making you acquainted with the historical, unforgettable, unique cultural heritage and nature of Abruzzo.

We wish to share with you the different local identities, that we hold in great value; we would like to sparkle new interests among those who doesn’t know our land and its secrets yet! You will discover something unexpected, you will find valuable things which you wouldn’t have ever looked for; simply... Serendipity!


Among the numerous ways of tourism we suggest a fair tourism,that is, a tourism which can enhance our distinguished identity and contribute to all tour operators that work with love for Abruzzo. Furthermore we also suggest a sustainable tourism, that is to say a tourism which preserves our artistic, natural and cultural patrimony, not only in the present, but for all future generations.


Our Country is variegated and sensational: cities of art, medieval villages, castles, museums, wine, food and traditions.

We will be happy to welcome you and to get you excited about Abruzzo!

See you soon!

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